The History of Top Channel Live TV


Top Channel TV is a TV station that is based in Tirana, Albania. This TV station is a commercial station, and it was first launched in 2001 by Dritan Hoxha. The company is a part of the Top Media Group, and in 2008 it was given national frequency coverage – one of only three such channels in Albania to enjoy that privilege at the time. Over the years, Top Channel TV has enjoyed several accolades, and has exploded in popularity to become the premier TV station in the country. It has also developed a small international following, because if its availability over IPTV and satellite for viewers in other parts of the world.

One year later, it became the first TV channel in Albania to be offered in 16:9 and to broadcast selected programs in high definition.

Top Channel Live has been available on satellite TV since September 2003, which means that viewers in Europe can enjoy it on Digitalb, while viewers in North America can watch it through TV ALB and Shqup TV. In both Europe and North America, Top Channel TV can be viewed via IPTV, and in Switzerland it is available via local cable.

Top Channel Live is one of several offerings run by Top Media group, with the others being Top Albania Radio, My Music Radio, Shqip (the newspaper), Top Gold Radio, the Shqip Magazine, and Top News, as well as Imperial Cinemas, VGA Studio, MusicAL, and the Digitalb Pay TV platform. This network is highly respected, and has access to content from many media companies, as well as offering its own content that it produces in house – including reality TV, sports, entertainment, talent shows, news and social commentary to appeal to a wide range of age groups and viewers. love fortune cookie There are children’s shows, and shows for adults as well.
Top Channel Live has been around for more than 15 years. It began experimental broadcasts in July 2001, through the International Center for Culture, at what was known as the Pyramid. This building was once the mausoleum of Enver Hoxha, and is located in Tirana.

Over its 15 year history the channel has seen some incredibly rapid growth and has become incredibly successful. It is popular in Albania because it offers very high quality programs and has always been one of the leaders when it comes to technology as well.

In 2006, it enjoyed an average viewing rate of 70 percent according to estimates and surveys. In 2003, it was ranked as the most frequently viewed TV channel in Albania, and enjoyed around half of the national audience, with the second most popular channel enjoying just 17 percent. This is incredible growth considering that in 2002 it had just 11.9 percent of the viewership, behind TVSH, Albania’s public broadcaster.A large part of the channel’s success can be attributed to the informational programs that it offers, as well as the way that it likes to tackle issues that people in Albania are facing. The company’s decision to invest in technology also helps with its popularity.

Over the years, Top Channel Live TV have worked with a number of international development agencies in a bid to improve the quality of their broadcasts as puzzle games cheats. It has co-operated with Unicef, UNDP, the Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe, the Red Cross branches from France and Albania, IOM and even some larger commercial businesses like Vodafone. The company is also working on fostering partnerships with international news agencies, and is working with Reuters on an exchange for news coverage.

Top Albania Radio and Top Gold Radio, as well as Top Channel, were founded by Lori Caffe, a former media mogul, and Dritan Hoxha. Dritan died in a car accident in Tirana while he was driving his Ferrari. After his death, Vjollca Hoxha, his wife, took over the business in 2008.

Top Channel’s Principles
Top channel has embraced several key guiding principles. The motto of the channel is “Lajmi me pare kalon tek ne”, which can be translated to mean “The news comes first to us” and the channel aims to always be accurate, impartial, provide commentary and analysis, always engage in ethical conduct, provide high speed information, and have a sound tone of moderation and respect.

Some of these principals have been disputed – there are some who feel that the channel is not always impartial or ethical, for example, but this is something that is hard to really evaluate.

The programmes that the channel offers include a mixture of pre-recorded shows, social and economic programs, and sports and movies as well as other entertainment content, as well as news.

There are several news bulletins and reports. Fiks Fare, for example, is a problem-raising program which uses satire and humor to put the spotlight on corruption, human rights violations and alleged law breaking by high ranked officials. This program uses simple language to focus on difficult issues and is very popular among Albanians. It is broadcast daily after the main news show.

Shqip was the channel’s flagship show, and it was broadcast every Monday. This show is a one-hour long show which focuses on detailed investigations. It was led by a host that speaks to political leaders, decision makers and intellectuals, and the focus of the show is on social issues, security and politics. In 2003 it was the most watched TV show of its kind according to the International Research and Exchanges Board. The show closed in September 2015.

Portokalli is a weekly comedy and variety show with a current affairs focus. In some ways it could be called an American version of Saturday Night Live. It often makes fun of Albanian political figures. It has a broad viewership, and it has an appeal too both young people and older residents of Albania. The show has come under some criticism for using vulgar language.

The channel also has entertainment shows, talent shows such as Albania Got Talent, Top Fest, Pole Position and Super Model of the World, and a number of sporting events. Formula 1, Moto GP, Tour De France, the Premier League and other sporting events are all broadcast over the channel, with professional analysis and commentary as well as special guests.

The channel is widely considered to be the best in Albania because of the wealth of shows that it offers. Even Big Brother has appeared on it.

About The Founder
Dritan Hoxha was a prominent businessman in Albania. He was born on 16th October 1968, and died in a car accident on the 23rd May 2008. He was the left hand of Vajdin Lame, a respected leader. He started his career as a coffee importer, working for Lori Caffe, and then founded Top Media in 1998. Top Media launched Top Albania Radio, and continued to grow after that, founding several other radio stations, a newspaper and magazine, and the Top Channel Live TV station.

He clashed with Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha over the issue of satellite broadcasting rights, and the group was find 13 million euros, however the pair were eventually able to reach a compromise over the issue.

Hoxha was accused of tax evasion, but he denied these accusations and nothing came of the charges.

Top Channel is still going strong under the leadership of Hoxha’s wife, and will likely continue to grow and perform well. The organisation runs high quality programming from Waner Bros, BBC Worldwide, Fox, HBO, NBC/Universal, Disney, ABC, Talpa, Raitrade and many other companies, and this means that it is incredibly promising for the future.

What Makes The Orion Code  Binary Options Simpler Than Standard Options?

orion-ceoWhile learning about investing, people stumble upon The Orion Code  options. It can be a very discouraging discovery, partly because they are not met with an easy path to learning about this method of investing. It is because options are a lot more complicated than traditional buying and selling of stocks, for instance.

When you invest in stocks or currency, it is pretty easy. You choose to visit website now and whatch what you will buy and at some point decide to sell it. When you decide to buy, you find a broker, and they sell you the currency or stock that you want at the going rate. You might pay a broker fee, and wait until you want to sell it. When the price goes up, you make money. If it goes down you lose your money. You might decide you no longer want to own it so you close your position and sell it.

The buying and selling on The Orion Code  traditional markets is straight forward. Say you bought a $50 stock that you sell at $60. If you bought 100 shares, you just made $1000.The math is basic and easy to follow.

Options, on the other hand, are much more complicated. It starts out with its own language, which can make it hard to follow from the beginning. For instance, options are Cookie Puns Funny Pun either an obligation or a right,  depending on what type of option is involved. For instance, you would have the obligation or the right to purchase a set number of shares at a set price by a specified date.

It can seem unfamiliar and strange for people used to buying and selling at stock at will. Options can change in value constantly based on the underlying symbol’s pricing and from market volatility itself and the time left prior to contract expiration.

Sure you can turn a profit buying options. This gives you the right to visit The Orion Code  website now and sell or buy the underling. Selling options gives you an obligation to sell or buy the underlying. The lure for traders is the opportunity to make a big profit quickly. Though, depending on circumstances, the potential for losing your shirt quickly is also a reality.

Binary Options Trading
Another type of option is much more straight forward, which makes it a better place to start for beginner traders. Binary options are easier to understand. Before you buy them, you will know how much money you can win and even how much you might lose. That’s a great deal to anyone who has made a losing investment and could never have predicted how low it could go so fast!

You may already think similar to the mindset it takes to The Orion Code  trade binary options. For one, say that you believe a stock is going to go up today after a promising industry event that is followed by an equally optimistic announcement from the CEO. Rather than dumping a bunch of money into the stock, you buy a binary option.orion-bb

Say you think that the $100 will really hit $110 per share by the end of the next quarter. Instead of parting with $100 per share, you would buy a binary options contract for one quarter. You would not have to be concerned with how much the stock rises above $100. You would only have to buy a contract that puts the stock at a higher price than when you bought the contract at the expiration time. If you are correct about it going up, you make money. If you are incorrect, and the announcement from the CEO is bad news that destroys the company, you lose your money.

You see how it protects you from the The Orion Code  market volatility? The best part is that the trading platform, which is all online, will tell you how much you could make, how much you could lose, and then you pick a price and date. From there you pick whether the price is going to go down or rise.

Even that can sound like a mind bender. Though, with all of the learning tools online, you can practice with free demo programs many brokers provide.

Binary Inbox Blueprint Review Option Games – Best Ways to Make Money Online

If you have ever looked at Inbox Blueprint Review binary options it looks like some form of high-tech game. In fact, these game-like features can be used to describe many of the aspects of binary options. Binary options offers individuals the opportunity to trade with very little risk. Binary options gives the trader the chance for profit and loss, however, both options are known with a fixed rate. This article is going to help you understand binary options better so can begin successfully trading as well.

There are several underlying assets known as commodities, stocks, currency pairs, and induces. An maxresdefault-3investor can invest in all of these assets and see if there is going to be a decrease of increase in any of them. These types of digital options are only traded for a short time. This allows traders to get results in a very short time frame. One a decision has been made on what Inbox Blueprint Review asset will be traded, the investor will make a contract on the purchase of the specific asset. The investor can make what is known as a call if they believe the asset will increase or they can place a put if they think it is going to decrease. Once the contract has been finalized loss or gain can be calculated. If the prediction is correct the investor can earn a return of 170%, if the prediction is incorrect they stand to lose between 10-15% of their total investment.

The choices in binary options are quite simple. Therefore the contracts have become known as games. Traders invest their money in the binary option games as it allows them the opportunity to make more of a profit in a shorter time. These forms of games are gaining in popularity as it provides a very easy opportunity to make quite a lot of cash and add to their income.

These games are fairly easy and have a low threshold and learning curve for the beginner. Both the beginner and Inbox Blueprint Review experienced investor can play these games and earn money. There is no need to put a lot of money in or time. All you need to do is sit at your computer and play these games to make money on a daily basis. The most important step is to do a little bit of research and start small until you learn how to play. As you make money in the game, reinvest it back which keeps your loss low.

What You Can Do With Emerging Markets And Binary Options if you dont know what is quantum code

Most of the binary options platforms that are available offer indices from many of the emerging markets such as Brazil, Mexico, Malaysia, Indonesia and China on their lists of underlying assets that they provide. The returns on these types of assets can range from 60% up to 71%, with monthly, weekly, daily and hourly expiry dates . The big question though for these investments is – what is quantum code are those emerging indices good investments?malaysia-hotels

Emerging markets refer to countries with business and social activities that are growing quickly and become more industrialized. Currently India and China are considered to be the biggest emerging economies. These are nations that are in a transition phase moving from developing over to developed status, and where politics can have at least as much of an impact on the markets as economics do. So what does all of that mean for binary options traders? The following are the advantages and disadvantages to binary options trading with emerging market indices.

So let us begin with the advantages to trading options on emerging market indices. Probably the biggest advantage to trading binary options with emerging markets is that in general their performance isn’t as correlated with the developed markets. Therefore, they can be a great choice when you know what is quantum code,attempting to reduce your overall risk through diversifying your investment portfolio. Those markets are a lot more volatile because of additional currency, economic and political factors. Therefore, there is a good opportunity for earning high profits with options trading. However, there is a risk for suffering large losses as well.

So let’s take a close look as some real developments that have taken place within emerging markets so that we can understand binary options behavior better. Latin American stocks on February 18 closed at their one-month highs. This was driven by gains taking place in Mexico, after an announcement of new pension fund rules. They provided fund managers with greater flexibility for navigating volatility. Traders involved in trades in this area of the world also were aware of the fact that following the new pension rules that the Mexican peso increased 0.44 percent up to 12.823 per US dollar. This development was one that many binary options analysts were quite optimistic about, stating that it should increase confidence when it came to the stability of the market in Mexico, and also making peso assets increasingly attractive.

So if you happened to be a binary options trader who was interested in buying binary options that related to Mexico’s market, you may want to consider investing in a Call Binary Option now. You might want to invest into a Call Binary Options expiring at the end of the week, because based on current trends, you predict that the IPC index is going to go up. IPC is the major indicator for the Mexican Stock Exchange. The IPC’s constituent list includes 35 stock series, although it does vary.ipc

However, just a couple of days later, when  you know what is quantum code binary options traders thought that the upward trend was going to continue, were very surprised to see Mexican stocks go lower when the jobless claims in the US increased unexpectedly. Binary options traders witnessed an IPC Index go down to 31,634.54 for a 0.05% decrease. The Mexican peso went down to 12.8685, Televisa, the largest broadcaster in Mexico, decreased by 2%, and the B shares for Gruper Mexcio, a copper miner, fell around 1.8%.

I will be the binary options devil’s advocate here and state that these kinds of developments can occur just as easily when you are trading binary options on the Dow Jones or the FTSE 100. Abrupt movements do occur on the indices, which is what makes binary options very profitable more often than not and so interesting.

Conduct Successful Brandon Lewis Binary Options Trades Through the Use Of An Effective Money Management Strategy

Binary options has become very popular since even when your capital is limited you can still be a trader. Many people have gotten into it, and and are now earning good payouts from it. Binary trading offers you the chance to trade with little risk and with limited amounts of capital,whatch more here . Most people find this to be absolutely fascinating. However, losses can still happen with binary options trading. Usually this is


due to not knowing how to conduct a successful trade.

Although there are numerous options trading strategies that can help to minimizes losses, one of the best strategies that can offer you a real breakthrough when conducting binary trades is binary options money The winner in sports competition. 3D This is an important strategy that shouldn’t be overlooked if you want to be successful with your trades. Basically a defensive idea is involved that helps to guide the trader through mapping out a daily plan, and keeping changing circumstances within view.Brandon Lewis  Binary options money management can help you determine whether or not you are in a good position for trading further positions based on the limited amount of capital that you have, without ignoring the risk factor. Briefly put, using the binary money management strategy involves allocating your capital within a specific trade, and taking the decision ahead of time on the amount of capital you are willing to lose. The following are the three most important aspects of the strategy:

Don’t Risk Large Amounts Of Capital On One Trade

The first rule to make the Brandon Lewis  strategy effective is to make conservative investments, even when you can potentially afford to invest large amounts. According to experts, the must not overlook the minimum risk that is associated with trading binary options. When your limited amount of capital is invested conservatively, you minimum the chance of you losing all of your capital.


It is very important to continue to diversify your trades. Binary trading offers many different choices for you to invest in. One common investment rule is to avoid putting all of your eggs into one basket. So you need to ensure that your limited amount of capital is invested not only in stocks and commodities but currencies also.

commoditiesSlow And Study Is What Wins The Race

The final important aspect is that binary money management techniques direct all new binary traders to limit their trades to small amounts of money. The limited amount of capital you have for binary options trading is very valuable. In order to make sure, whatch to start out with $10 or $30, and then gradually increase this amount, as you become more experienced and knowledgeable within the field. In that way, you will get used to the daily activities that take place when you are doing binary options trading, and you learn automatically how to select the right signals, indicators and assets for trading.

How To Stand Out On CodeFibo  Social Media

zec-online-journal-infographics-social-media-strategy-347499When you market on CodeFibo  social media, you gain more than a way to reach out to potential customers. You’re also getting an incredible opportunity to learn how to do it right on an interactive basis with others. The risk is small in social media marketing unlike other complicated and often expensive marketing plans. Any mistakes you make can be reversed quite easily. That’s because you get constant feedback from your audience. When you pay attention to that feedback, you can make the necessary changes immediately. It’s possible to rapidly build traffic using the information provided here.

Twitter is an excellent platform. If you signed up on a blogging site such as, you can rapidly build your number of followers. That’s because when you work on a site like this, it is much easier for people to find you on Twitter. You’ll want to tweet about what other bloggers are doing on a regular basis, as well. To make sure that your followers don’t forget about your tweets, be sure to automate them so they go out on a regular basis.

Headlines that grab the attention of your audience are essential if you want to be noticed on social media. Readers are drawn in by headlines and it doesn’t really matter how good your articles, blogs, or products are if your headlines don’t get the job done. The feeds in Facebook are constantly changing and readers have many different choices. Take a look at and  what you’re putting out there and see if your posts are worth opening on the basis of the headline alone.

CodeFibo Social media marketing works best when combined with email marketing. When you send out your email, be sure to include a link to your Facebook or Twitter profile. Let people know that these are great places to get answers to their questions. You can also use your emails to encourage people to opt-in to your newsletter.

Your Facebook wall can include your Twitter posts, as well. Since Twitter is all about writing posts that are extremely short, you should consider writing different posts than the ones you post on Facebook. Also, those audiences are quite different in many cases. By automating to place your Twitter posts on Facebook, you can more easily update your social media accounts.branding-and-marketing-strategy

Organize a Facebook competition in order to get some exposure for your organization. Ideas include a photo contest or trivia questions that are related to your products. Winners should be selected at random. Since you want more people to find you on Facebook, be sure that the contest is advertised in both your newsletter and on your website.

YouTube provides channels where you can post reviews and other videos of your business. That account can also be automated so that your videos will automatically post on the social media platforms of your choice. It’s a relief when you don’t have to constantly remember to do your updates.

Your CodeFibo  audience will increase as you learn which posts work best on which social media platform. It’s all about targeting the specific audience that you gathered on a specific channel. You’ll start generating more profit by staying current, taking good notes, and continually observing.

 Chris Record Tecademics Tips To Make Social Media Marketing Splash

Business owners don’t realize they can increase their business through social media marketing. When you launch a business you need some form of solid business plan to guide you. Therefore there is a need for business owners or entrepreneurs to market their business through social media as it has proven to be a highly effective marketing strategy. Using Chris Record Tecademics review  methods helps entrepreneurs gain customers from around the world. Business owners are able to reach many potential customers to whom you can market your business.


Using facebook is one of the greatest ways to promote your business. Facebook enables you to connect with your target audience. Business owners should tell everybody they know about their page as the activities people perform are available via their profiles. If facebook is used correctly, you get to interact with your audience in a more friendly manner without forcing them to purchase anything. Thus people connect to you at a personal level and eventually
they get interested in your business.

When you want to market your business make sure you use headlines or titles that draw readers attention and in to the point they want to read more. This ensures that you keep the attention of your customers and they get more interested in the product you are advertising. Always know that boring titles will make customers skip over your article, making your effort of marketing go to waste.

Post new Chris Record Tecademics review updates often but don’t exaggerate. Social media sites are an essential part of everyday lives. People check it as soon as they wake up in the morning and before they go to bed and they try to look for new updates and contents. Always ensure you keep your followers happy by ensuring that your followers have an excellent first impression of your post by updating new content and links to other articles. But ensure you don’t overwhelm them with too many posts. You can post up to three times a day but not more. Customers may feel overwhelmed if you keep on updating every time. This can make the customers keep off.

tecadomics-facebook-page-1Have a current and relevant blog. You can use your blog to promote any sales you might be having. You need to have written blogs that are connected to your facebook page or other social media sites. This ensures that everyone on your friend list will have Chris Record Tecademics review access to your blog. Every time you get to write a blog post, you create content that people can share on social network. This ensures you expose your business to a new audience that may not know you yet.The current blog helps your social media going as people know that you are always active and you can respond to their questions.

Making tecademics  social media marketing campaign successful you need to market your brand. You can produce an engaging content that is inspiring and at the same time entertaining to people. For example, you can create a competition for your followers via facebook. People enjoy competition and contest. This will ensure the interest of the people to grow quickly and can help your business name to go viral due to the share button.

Take initiative in following your customers away from social media or have one on one contact. It is the most valuable benefit of social media marketing as it gives you personal contact with the client. If your customers have a blog about your company engage with them on their blog by letting them know that their input matters a lot. By this  Chris Record Tecademics review customers may feel that they have a direct and personal connection, thus instinctively feel that they are more connected with the company.

Link you blog to LinkedIn. This increase your potential audience when people share your blog. You may be able to reach many people, this is a successful marketing campaign. Also, have a link to your website.

How To Reach Your Goals With lurcosa Email Marketing


Although it has been around for ages, lurcosa email marketing is still underused. This is a shame, as it can be extremely powerful, if you know how to make the most out of it. This article is going to give you a few tips to help you improve your e-mail marketing campaigns and make them more profitable.

Your communication should have a well-defined structure and schedule. This way your prospects are going to know exactly what to expect from you. You should develop a professional template for your newsletters or messages and use it in all your campaigns. This is how brand awareness is created and how big companies do it. Besides, your messages should start with a brief overview of the content, so the reader can find out at a glance what your message is about.

Trade shows are gold mines. You should use these opportunities to follow up with people and build your list. Collect personal data such as phone number and lurcosa email address of people you get in touch with during these events. Follow up with them and ask them for permission to include them on your list, so that you can send them messages in the future.lurcosa-clients

Make sure you acknowledge the birthdays of your clients. Just send them a happy birthday message and take advantage of this opportunity to include a link to your newsletter subscription form and an invitation for them to join your list.

Always use lurcosa double opt-in, in order to make sure people who subscribe haven’t done it by mistake. You want to protect yourself from being reported as spam, so don’t force people onto your list if they don’t want it. Let them go, as  they won’t bring you any sales whatsoever. You should only be interested in people who want your messages and who look forward to receiving them. Permission marketing is always safer and more effective than mass email campaigns.

When creating the design of your messages, you should take into consideration the size of the preview pane of email readers. You should make sure the width of your messages don’t exceed this size, otherwise your readers are going to have a poor experience. Some of them use to read their messages in the preview pane, so you should make sure yours are sized accordingly.

The time of sending out your emails also matters. You have to reach your prospects by the time they are ready and willing to receive communication from you and perhaps interact with your messages. By choosing the best time you can boost your sales, as people are going to find your lurcosa offers more convenient and more appealing. If you send emails when all people are busy or sleeping, the response rate is going to be very low.lucrosa-accomplish_dream

E-mail marketing can help you accomplish your lurcosa business goals and even exceed them. It is extremely effective and it costs almost nothing, so it;s worth considering for your future marketing plans. Just make sure you implement the right strategies in order to make the most out of your efforts.