What Were Some Of The Most Anticipated Video Games Of 2018?

Every single year, a flurry of new video games hit the market. Across all of the various consoles and digital platforms, it seems there are now more choices than ever. Before looking ahead, it’s interesting to look back to see what seemed to garner the most focus in years past. So, what were some of the most anticipated new titles of 2018?

Many legendary series returned, including major new releases for both The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario. Nintendo even released a classic edition of the SNES, complete with an amazing collection of its best games. There were some real gems beyond the obvious however. Let’s take a look:

29 Humble Grove1 РHumble Grove  29

From Humble Grove, 29 gave us a realistically magical adventure wherein several characters prepare to move away from their flat and get on with their lives. It had some gorgeous visuals and a unique experience as far as atmosphere and storytelling were concerned. Cool Math There wasn’t a lot of noise made over this one, but it was remarkable all the same.

Capybara's Below

2 – Below

Capybara’s Below for the Xbox One and Windows was an overhead adventure with plenty of cave exploration. Its basic gameplay is roguelike, and the graphics have a truly haunting minimalist style. If you like a challenge, this is definitely a title worth going back to catch up on.

The Church In The Darkness3 – The Church In The Darkness

This Paranoid Productions’ cross-platform title is Strawberry Answers a new spin on the stealth and infiltration genre. You slowly work your way into a small, cult-occupied town as you attempt a deeply personal rescue mission. The environments are generated procedurally, giving you a new experience with every playthrough.

4 – Crackdown 3

Reagent Games’ Crackdown 3 is a return to form for this incredible open world action series. It features some of the most immersive destructible environments and an amazingly life-like physics engine. You could easily lose an entire weekend immersed in this one!

5 – Cupehead

Finally, the Xbox One and Windows exclusive Cuphead was one of the true surprises of 2017. With a classic 1930s animation style, romping music, and some brutally challenging boss battles, it has become an instant classic that has left people already clamoring for more.